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Music for Children by Victor Davies

Dear visitor from the World of Children! (It’s Victor speaking!)

This page is unlike any other on the I have gathered together here links to all the pieces on the site which I think might be useful to you if you are:

  1. a programmer for children: educational concerts (symphonic, chamber etc), dance, theatre or music for TV and films etc
  2. or if you are a music teacher, conductor or organizer of activities in which children actively participate – musical ensembles, theatre, dance, choirs etc.

A lot of my creative life has been writing music for children to perform for other children to hear. (Notably for television. And theatre)

I have provided a very rough guide which I hope will be useful and I have used the description:   

music to be performed for children PFC, music to be performed by children PBC.

Hope you find something that you and your children will enjoy listening too, or singing, dancing or acting with.

If I can be of help with any questions about the pieces please go to CONTACT VICTOR  email me, and I will see if there is any advice I can offer about the works which could be of value to you.

Happy Listening and Playing!




Animal Capers (PFC)
The Big Top (suite) (PFC, PBC)
A Very Short Opera (from Celebrations) (PFC)
Dream Variations (PFC, PBC)
Jupiter Train (PFC, PBC)
Intergalactic Overture (also with chorus) (PBC)
Reach Out Go For Gold (solo also with chorus) (PFC, PBC)


Autumn Dreams (PBC)
Excursions (PFC)
The Langley Trio (PFC, PBC)
For Livia (PFC, PBC)
For The Moment (PBC)
Tooth Fairy (PBC)


Songs From Lets’s Go! (PBC)
Songs from The Rockets (PBC)
The Victor Davies Songbooks (10 songs in each volume from either Let’s Go or The Rockets) (PBC)
Children Of The World (PFC, PBC)
Walking In The Fall Kicking Leaves (PBC)
The Daffodils (PBC)
Intergalactic Overture (also with chorus) (PBC)
Reach Out Go For Gold (solo also with chorus) (PFC, PBC)


Animal Capers (PFC, PBC)
The Big Top Ballet (complete or as excerpts) (PFC, PBC))


The Magic Trumpet (PFC, PBC)
Reginald The Robot (PFC, PBC)
The Curse Of Ponsonby Hall (PFC, PBC)
The Musical Circus (PFC)
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