• Beowulf

    • A musical epic
    • 1974
    • 120'

    Lyrics by Betty Jane Wylie based on the Anglo Saxon poem. A full length rock opera in two acts for 9 soloists, narration group of 4, chorus and orchestra Originally done as a three LP set, now 2 CDs – Beowulf Produced in New York off Broadway by AMAS repertory Theater 1977. For more information... Read More...

  • Earnest, The Importance Of Being

    • 2008
    • 120'

    A full length operetta in two acts based on the play The Importance Of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde. Libretto: Eugene Benson. Premiere: Toronto Operetta Theatre, February 22, 23, 24, 2008. Jeffrey Huard, conductor. Guillermo Silva-Marin, director and producer. CAST LADY BRACKNELL. (Low Mezzo) A most formidable lady, and in her early fifties. GWENDOLEN. (High... Read More...

  • Let Us Pay Tribute To Lord Gordon

    • Vocal solos from opera

    A full length opera in two acts with libretto by Goldie Weatherhead. Based on a historical character, a con man Lord Gordon Gordon, with a colourful and brilliant career in Scotland and New York who ends up in Winnipeg during the land boom of the 1880’s. A tale of romance and intrigue, humour and pathos,... Read More...

  • The Musical Circus

    • 1981
    • 14'

    A musical theatre entertainment for soprano, dancers, musician/actors as animals: violin (snake); viola (monkey); cello (elephant); guitar (peacock); horn (lion); percussion (bear); accordion (zebra); and harp. The musicians/animals stage a revolt against the ringmaster (conductor) (the soprano) but are charmed into submission by the mechanical harp. Difficulty: university, professional. Commissioned by Sound Stage Canada for... Read More...

  • The Importance Of Being Earnest

    • 2005
    • 120'

    A full length comic chamber opera in two acts for five characters based on the Oscar Wilde play. Libretto: Eugene Benson. Premier: concert reading Stratford Summer Music 2005. CAST LADY BRACKNELL. (Low Mezzo) A most formidable lady, and in her early fifties. GWENDOLEN. (High Mezzo) About 23, Lady Bracknell’s daughter CECILY. (Coloratura Soprano) About 18,... Read More...

  • Transit Of Venus

    • (vocal solos)
    • 2007
    • 9'

    A full length opera in three acts with libretto by Maureen Hunter. Based of Maureen Hunter’s play Transit Of Venus Premiere November 24, 27,30, 2007, Manitoba Opera, Winnipeg Manitoba. Manitoba Opera – http://www.manitobaopera.mb.ca/transitofvenus/transitofvenus.html James Meena, conductor Larry Desrochers, director Creation and production was made possible through the generous support of James Richardson & Sons Ltd... Read More...

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