• Anerca

    • a modern ballet
    • 1967
    • 10''

    For violin, soprano (vocalise), percussion, piano=celeste. Hunt; Morning; Old Song. A contemporary ballet based on Inuit poetry. Commissioned by Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers for CBC TV special. Difficulty: university, professional

  • The Big Top

    • a circus ballet
    • 1985
    • 52'

    A one act story ballet. A little girl runs away to the circus and discovers the bright lights, the dark shadows, and finally friendship under the Big Top. Commissioned by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Choreography, Jacques Lemay; conductor, Earl Stafford. Story: Janis Dunning and Jacques Lemay; Toured Canada with 52 performances. Made into a 1... Read More...

  • The Musical Circus

    • 1981
    • 14'

    A musical theatre entertainment for soprano, dancers, musician/actors as animals: violin (snake); viola (monkey); cello (elephant); guitar (peacock); horn (lion); percussion (bear); accordion (zebra); and harp. The musicians/animals stage a revolt against the ringmaster (conductor) (the soprano) but are charmed into submission by the mechanical harp. Difficulty: university, professional. Commissioned by Sound Stage Canada for... Read More...

  • The Seasons (Heart Of The Continent)

    • a dance/ballet
    • 1999
    • 10'

    Classical themes illustrated changing prairie landscapes when danced by 1500 dancers with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet featuring Evelyn Hart. Commissioned for the opening ceremonies of the Pan American Games. Autumn Splendor – jazzy & powerful ala Carmina Burana-features the chorus. 2:13 Winter Dreams – a beautiful waltz – magical and evocative of winter’s icy splendor.... Read More... © 2024 • By Wavelength Media