Colours of Jazz, Art Deco Fantasy, Silhouettes

“Presenting the jazzy side of our eminent Canadian composer Victor Davies”! featuring Maxine Willan and The Swinging Strings: Colours of Jazz, Art Deco Fantasy, Silhouettes and more

Classically trained jazz pianist Maxine Willan wanted to play a jazz concerto. She found Victor’s, liked it, then learned & wonderfully performed it with the Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Norman Reintamm. Her love of jazz & classical music also led her to Victor’s jazz flavoured chamber music, and we look forward with excitement to hearing Maxine with her Swinging Strings play these pieces in this beautiful setting on the Toronto Islands.

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Colours of Jazz (for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass and Piano) video; 
Art Deco Fantasy
 (for piano and viola);
Silhouettes (a string quartet) © 2024 • By Wavelength Media