• Drug Deals

    • -2001

    Merit Jensen producer, Elise Swerson and Erna Buffy directors Documentary about pharmaceutical tragedy Produced by NFB and Merit Film shown on CBC Nature of Things.

  • Restitution

    • 2002

    Andrew Koster producer, Rainshadow Production,s Elise Swerhorn, director. Documentary about Nazi thefts of Jewish art work in WW II. CBC Witness.

  • The Great Grey Owl

    • -

    Cotter Wildlife Films (Winnipeg) – Wildlife

  • The Meat Of The Matter

    • -

    Western Films (Winnipeg)

  • The Persistance Of Vision

    • 2003

    Documentary about outstanding contemporary abstract African American artists and sculptors. Dirk Itzen – director/producer, for Franklin and Marshall College. 1 hour TV Special. Jazz piano and piano quartet.

  • Wilderness Trails

    • 1975

    90 minute feature wildlife film Theatrical distribution Cotter Wildlife Films

    • -

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