A Short Symphony (For Winnipeg)

  • for Winnipeg Symphony No. 2
  • 1974
  • 23'

Dedicated to the people of Winnipeg and performed several times to acclaim because of its tuneful,
rhythmic and descriptive nature.
Glory, Glory 7’; The Comet 6’; Romance 4’; Jubilee 6’.
Commissioned by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Canada Council.
Premiere: Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra; Piero Gamba, conductor, 1974; CBC Radio broadcast 1974;
also Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Victor Davies, conductor.
Suitable for main concert series, pop, classics concerts.
Difficulty: for good youth/community to professional orchestra.
Instrumentation: 2222/4331/timp/2 perc/strings.
Score for sale (orchestra parts – rental)

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