Dream Variations

  • 1995
  • 20''

A set of variations on Rock A Bye Baby, (and other nursery songs) which tell the nursery rhyme story of baby’s falling asleep, adventures in dream land, and waking up.
Commissioned by the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra for combined Senior, Intermediate Orchestras, and Junior Strings.
Premiere: Arthur Polson, conductor May 14 1995, also, FACE Symphony Orchestra Montreal (High School For The Arts), Theodora Stathopoulos, conductor.
Suitable for children’s concerts by professional or community orchestra (and added optional junior strings).
Difficulty: youth/community to professional orchestra (with option of adding junior strings).
Instrumentation: (Can be played by orchestra alone, or with added junior strings).
2, picc, 2, E.H., 2, B.Cl., 2/ 2 (to be played by 4) 331/timp/5 perc, or if professional, 3-4/ piano=synth/harp/strings (with optional junior strings).
Study score, full score for sale (orchestra parts – rental).
On the CD – Celebration! of Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra.

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