• 1994
  • 30'

Flute, violin, cello, piano. All four players hum, sing, speak in rhythm, clap, stamp feet and also play small percussion instruments – claves, maracas, triangle, suspended cymbal, bongos, cow bell.
Commissioned for the 1994 Commonwealth Games by Chamber Music Victoria, the work incorporates idioms of many Commonwealth countries: Indian ragas, Irish jigs, rhythms of Africa and the Caribbean, Aboriginal melodies and Canadian folk song. The six movements mirror the rhythms and times of the day.
Dawn 5’; Morning 4’; Midday 5’; Afternoon 4’; Evening 5’; Night 5’.
Premiere February 4 and 5, 1994; Martin Bonham, cello; Marylou Dawes, piano; Andrew Dawes, violin; Sally Harvey, flute.
Difficulty: university, professional.

…..the reappearance of Victor Davies “Continents” was especially welcome. …this was an infectiously enthusiastic performance which understandably brought the audience to its feet.” Deryk Barker – Victoria Times Colonist. (Eine Kleine Summer Music 1, June, 1994) © 2024 • By Wavelength Media