The Beginning And End Of The World

  • 1971
  • 55'

This music runs the emotional gamut as it accompanies the spectacular multimedia visuals for a stunning experience in environmental theatre accompanying a pageant of images on a journey through the life of the Earth. From the symphonic and mythical, (Through the Milky Way); to cool jazz, (Pangaea – The Great Continent); to the violent convulsions of Earth’s Birth; the Latin heat of Carboniferous, and the wild energy of The Dinosaurs and creation, Genesis. The score for the first commercial planetarium show premiered in 1971 in Winnipeg is now on CD. Produced for the domed planetarium, it was the first all encompassing epic visual documentary and toured North America.

Genesis; Through The Milky Way; The Lost Planets; Earth’s Birth; The First Rain; Life Starts; Sunset & Stars; Earth’s Embrace; Under The Sea; Carboniferous; The Dinosaurs; Pangaea; Man Appears; Here & Now; Pollution; Revelation 21 (End of The World)
Suitable for children’s, school, pop or main concerts series.
Difficulty: good youth/community to professional orchestra.
Commissioned by Omnitheatre Limited Winnipeg Canada
Soundtrack: classical, jazz, rock
Premiere: Winnipeg Planetarium, Skitch Henderson conductor
Instrumentation: 2tr/2tb/perc./piano=organ/el.bass/strings/boy’s chorus
(Score and parts in preparation)
Soundtrack CD classical, jazz, rock

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