Symphonic Marches From The Xiii Pan American Games

  • 1999

Welcome The Champions 3 ’- a triumphant march.
The Glory Of The Games 3’ – a stately march.
North and South On Parade 3’ – a march in the spirit of John Philip Sousa (brass and percussion).
The Mosquito March 3’ – delightful fast-paced and fun – hear the mosquitoes – Canada’s official insect!
Pan Am Fiesta 4’ – a hot fast mambo march.
I Want To Be A Champion Too! 3’ – a rock ballad march.
Canada’s Here! 2’ – a rousing, noble, grand fanfare melody heralding Canada’s team entry into the stadium.
The Geese 2’ – a stirring and majestic melody with the grandeur and scale of the Canadian landscape celebrating the great flights of geese heralding autumn and spring.
Suitable for main concert series, pop, concerts with sport theme, classics concerts.
Difficulty: for good youth/community to professional orchestra.
Instrumentation: (All of the above) 2222/4331/timp/1-2 perc/harp/ strings (also chorus The Geese only) (also rhythm: piano, bass, guitar, drums in Pan Am Fiesta and I Want To A Be Champion Too!).
Scores for sale (orchestra parts – rental).
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