• “…A rare showcase for the patriarch of the brass family gave Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra principal tuba Chris Lee a chance to demonstrate his prodigious talent, showing the light-hearted and jaunty side of the instrument, …great dynamic variation in the Theme & Variations, ..with impressive delicacy and sweet flow in Waltz for Franco, …and in Sancho Panza Goes to the Bull Fight a castanet enhanced paso doble engaging the tuba in trills, syncopation, and sky-high notes while the trumpets morphed into a mariachi band, all gracefully & precisely rendered by conductor Rei Hotoda”

    Winnipeg Free Press - Gwenda Nemerofsky
  • “Horn’s lighthearted side revealed”

  • “Tuba concerto kicks some brass in world debut”

  • ””a Canadian masterpiece”” …

    (Winnipeg Free Press) Gwenda Nemerofsky about Davies' opera Transit of Venus
  • “For The Moment evokes enough wartime nostalgia to let the music stand by itself, independent of pictorial images. Especially so in the sprightly big band tunes which comprise about half the disc and are delivered in a whistle-clean style by a nicely ignited big band from Prague.”

    James Manishen - Winnipeg Free Press
  • “The film’s, (The Nutcracker Prince) asset is its score, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and featuring clever music by Victor Davies.”

    Motion Picture Guide Review
  • “The four movements of the Good Times Suite also emphasizes Davies’ smiling conviction that life is beautiful. In this day and age that’s rare. Performances are first rate, filled with vim and the recording very good.”

    Henwell Tircuit - Fanfare Magazine
  • [The CD is] … “a thoroughly extroverted display vehicle for pianist Irmgard Baerg and the London Symphony Orchestra under Boris Brott, who together make the most of the work’s predominantly exuberant high spirits. The Davies concerto has already achieved a certain popularity, through its easy accessibility, its wide range of musical styles and its flashy piano writing.”

    Barry Edwards - Music Magazine
  • In our day great talent is required to make traditional music respectable…. .there are many moving and delightful things throughout

    Chester Duncan - Arts Manitoba
  • “The style of the music varies from Mozartian lightness in the second movement variations, to the lazy jazz syncopations of the first movement and the fun-making play with bells and percussion in the final movement. Davies is definitely a populist composer.”

    David Doughly - Classic FM Magazine
  • “The original score is lively and fresh.”

    Greg Quill-Toronto Star
  • “This piece is a little gem of inventiveness, with plenty of fine dancing, a witty design, and a strong score.”

    Michael Scott-Vancouver Sun
  • “…this is a wonderful eclectic musical score by Winnipeg born composer Victor Davies.”

    Neil Harris Winnipeg Free Press
  • “I have little doubt Davies’ work is a masterpiece. It is gloriously tuneful, brilliantly orchestrated and has all the aleatory chaos, harsh, brassy dissonances and driving percussive rhythms…used …in stunning effective emotional contexts that tells a tale the human ear not only can easily comprehend, but is aching to hear… “

    Hugh Fraser - Hamilton Spectator May 29, 2000
  • “Grand in scope, fervent in expression, apocalyptic in its vision, the oratorio Revelation made a deeply moving impression …as the grand finale to Festival Ottawa’s four week program at the National Arts Centre……only the second performance…..but the work has already made its mark as one of the most significant large-scaled Canadian compositions of the late 20th century. ….the chorus delivers one memorable number after another: the rhythmically powerful…infectiously joyful…the poignant…and the radiant… Masterpiece may be too strong a word, for Revelation, but in its simplicity and sincerity, it seemed to touch virtually the entire audience.”

    Robert Markow The Globe and Mail
  • “Davies’ melodic skill assured that his ‘gospel with a swing’ Salvation to God And To The Lamb could stand next to the choral successes of Handel’s Messiah or Mendelssohn’s Elijah.”

    Professor John Martens - Concord College Winnipeg
  • “… a masterful oratorio … The music is focused and graspable, its intentions genuinely heartfelt and sincere. It is Handelian inspiration viewed through a cinemascopic prism, with Mahlerian scaled heaven-storming aptly placed and effective. Revelation is a celebration of life, faith and music.”

    James Manishen - Winnipeg Free Press
  • “Davies’ extraordinary work [Revelation 199]} was an electric performance. For me it was the most stunning musical event in recent memory.”

    Adrienne Clarkson CBC TV
  • “Once you listen you’re hooked.”

    Ray Chatlin - Vancouver Province
  • “The music of composer Victor Davies has a lot to do with exhilaration.” What Davies does is perform that rare marriage between classical and contemporary music … in which everyone lives happily ever after.””

    Liz Braun - Toronto Sun © 2018 • By Wavelength Media